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Serial is directed by the Yasir Nawaz & it is social drama highlights the issue of “Shak” among the husband & wife. In this serial in 1st episode we see the Ayesha Khan as Sehrish a house wife of Ahetsham (husband of Sehrish). The role of Sehrish’s husband is very well played by the Adeel Hussain. Starring are : Ayesha khan, : Adeel Hussain, Sanam Saeed.

In this episode we see Sehrish is waiting of her husband after baking a cake & preparing a good meal (she prepare all these food items because this is the day of their marriage anniversary). But Ahetsham got late from office. Ahetsham leaves the office by saying that he going to home because his wife (Sehrish is waiting for him) but he does not go at home instead of it he go at the Sheena’s home for the purpose of buying a gift for his wife (such as a jewelry item because one of the sisters of Sheen’s is a jewelry designer).

Maham & her husband are included among the friends list of Ahetsham & Sehrish. But Maham & Her Husband are showing those characters in our lives who like to tease others by interfering & in their personal lives. For this purpose they like to gossip about the others. Here we see Maham’s Husband after noting that Ahetsham leaves office & go to the Sheen’s home instead of going to his own home, immediately call to his wife Maham & tell the story. On the other hand Maham call to Sehrish & told her that: her husband forgot his anniversary & leaves the office very soon. She further says that may be her husband has an affair with another girl. But Sehrish does not like listen Maham’s talk & drop the call. From here the element of doubt & disbelief comes in the mind of Sehrish. After a lot of time when Ahetsham comes home then he pretends as he forgot about anniversary but he actually wants to give a surprise to Sehrish. He said to Sehriah, to give him night meal but Sehrish after a little bitter talk go towards the kitchen but in the launch she saw a cake with candles on the table & then Ahetsham told her that he go the Sheena homes & buy this gift for her. Now wait & watch what happens in the next episode!

Drama: Shak
Episode: 1st
Directed by: Yasir Nawaz
Story Highlights: A social Issue
Casts are: Ayesha khan, Adeel Hussain, Sanam Saeed

drama serial Shak Episode 1

drama shak forst episode

shak pics first episode


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