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The story is moving around the relationship of Arez & Eshal because at one side Eshal’s father is trying his best for breaking this relationship & on the other hand the Arez’s family members especially Soni is creating lots of hurdles in the way of this couple. Sometimes I feel that the story of this drama is not very realistic & never closely related with our society because no father try to break his daughter’s home as Eshal’s father is doing while the behaviors of Arez’s family towards Eshal is very realistic because it mostly happen in these middle class families. Eshal is a very sensible girl but I am confused why she does not understand the behaviors of her in-laws.

In the very first scene of this episode I saw that soni is behaving like a typical & laraka type of naand because her way of hearing the talks of Arez & Eshal amuses me a lot. Eshal left the home & reached at her father’s home. It all happens just in one minute. I am not expecting this from Eshal.

Further, Rheber is trying his best in order to finish this dispute between Eshal & Arez. So, he reached at Arez’s office & waits for him. As Arez came outside, Rheber call him & said that I want to talk with you. According to Rheber “Discussions Solve the Problem” that’s why he takes Arez at his father-in-law’s home so that Arez can meet with Eshal & discuss the problem. But Eshal talked very angrily with Arez & never agree to return home.

On the other hand Soni’s acting once again amuses me when she took the mobile of her mother & call to Sunny. It looks like soni is behaving like a puppet of Sunny. She also meets with sunny in his office. Soni behave like a greedy girl when she wears the clothes of her bhabhi.

In the very last part of this episode Eshal’s father call Soni & her mother & offers them a great amount by saying that Arez must leave his daughter as soon as it is possible. But Arez’s mother does not accept this & left the place. But Soni’s facial expression again make me chuckle.

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