“Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai” Episode 11 Review

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In this episode we saw that Arham’s Family reached at the Narmeen’s home & fix the Shaiq & Narmeen’s marriage. But when Arham know about this he immediately reached at Narmeen’s home & shouted at Narmeen (his ex-fiancée) by saying that how she can do this with him. Nareem’s parents talked to Arham’s father on phone & told about the arrival of Arham at their home & bad-attitude with them. Now Arham’s father & then his elder brother ask from Arham why he is doing all this. Arham is shocked to see his family, especially his brother (Shaiq) behavior towards him.

Now back to the current situation when Areeba tries to told Arham that a person who do something wrong with the other will surely punish by the God sooner or later. Narmeen agree to go with Shaiq when he comes to bring her with him at his in-law’s home. Arham’s Sister informs both (Arham & Areeba) that bhabhi (Narmeen) again comes back home & called for the meal.

But Narmeen behavior on the dinning table shocked every one especially when she starts eating rice without waiting for the two members of this family. The newly married couple (Areeba & Arham) comes in the dinning hall & Areeba salaam’s to all family members like an obedient “Baho”. When the head of this family the father of Arham & Shaiq told that don’t misbehave with each other at least at the dinning table. Now Narmeen again misbehave & leaves the table. Areeba interrupted by saying that “me bhabhi ko bulati hon”. When she reached at Narmeen’s room then Narmeen once again become bad with Areeba & very rudely talked with her.

In the last scene of this episode we saw that when Arham comes home at late night then he saw Narmeen in the launch & this time once again Narmeen try to make his position suspicious by saying that “Pooch lo is say (means Areeba say) is nay badtamezi ki hay marey sath”. But Areeba spoke only in the favor of her husband Arham & Refused Narmeen’s claim. Now what will be the behavior of Areeba towards Arham because she tells a lie before the family members but she actually watches both Arham & Narmeen in the launch? See the next episode Review.

Review of Drama: Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai
Episode: 11
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Hum Tv Drama Serial Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai


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