Drama Shak: Episode 12 Analysis

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On the other hand, Sania had already told everything to Ali (her husband) about her & Ahetsham’s engagement in the past. Her husband assured that he believes on her.

In office, Ahetsham try to talk with Atif about Sherish. He said to Atif that he & his wife (Maham) both should never interfere in his personal matters. Both talked very loudly. Consequently, most of the office members have already listen their talks & when Atif came out from the Ahetsham’s room, some office colleagues asked from him about the reason of dispute in the room. Atif told to everyone about the affair of Sania & Ahetsham (that is not true actually). Now, when Sania entered into the office, every one is talking about her affair with Ahetsham. She immediately call to Ahetsham, who is busy in an office meeting, but he never receives her call then she send a message to him but every one who is sitting with Ahetsham noticed her call & message. Now both are very upset from this entire awkward situation so both leave the office but separately. Again Atif call to his Wife & told that both jointly leaves the office & he further said to his wife that they may go into a hotel for a dinner or may be for a date.

But when Ahetsham saw Sania at the road walking alone then he offers lift to her. At first, Sania say no but when he stressed upon her then she agreed. At the same time Sherish call to her husband & asked from him whether Sania is with him or not? But he refused her by saying that she is not with him. Now Sania said to Ahetsham that leave me here I have to go into the nearly located market. But Ahetsham said to her I will drop you but she refused the offer. When she walks a little, two street snatchers come on a bike & try to snatch her hand bag. Ahetsham watch all this from his car. He immediately came out from the car & run to save Sania from these Snatchers but at the same time they fire at him. Now Sania turned towards Ahetsham & try to save him by using her scarf. She immediately takes him to the hospital. Now her Husband Ali is also worried because when he calls to her office he hears that she had already leaved the office. On the other hand when Sherish listen the news of her husband’s accident, she immediately reached to the hospital but when she saw Sania in his room, then she again think totally wrong about Sania & Ahetsham.

In this episode we saw that a lot of confusion & misunderstanding between Sherish & Ahetsham is developing more & more instead of resolving. It all is happening only because of suspicious, doubtful & apprehensive nature of Sania. Now let’s see what happened with the both married couples.

Drama: Shak
Episode: 12
Aired on: ARY Digital
Every: Saturday
At: 08:00 pm

12th Episode of Drama Serial Shak

1 Shak drama serial

Atif & Maham both are Creating Doubts between Sherish & Ahetsham

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