2013 Hot Emo Boys Fashion

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The emo boys are the most fashionable guys in the emo gang. They hate to live in this society. They wear the tight jeans and T-shirt with the sneaker flat boots. They also use the eye liner and the shaggy hair on their faces to cover it half. The emo boys cry together and cut their wrist with their heart feelings.
The society think about the emo guys that they never cry and always be strong therefore lots of people shun their life. The emo boys are usually having very good quality that they express their self with musical and talk with lyrics.
The emo guys are very swoosh and hot. They are cool and unforgettable personality. Basically they are the world’s most amazing and unique guys.

Topic: Emo boys
Color: black
Cloths: tight jeans and shirt
Perfect for: emo guys

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